Whanau Fun Day

In collaboration with Caring Families Aotearoa and CLM Community Sports, this event was an awesome opportunity to provide a day of carefree fun for tamariki atawhai and their care whānau.

CLM did a great job, providing activities like multiple bouncy castles, Hunger Ball and lots of fun giant games (like giant connect 4) to keep everyone all all ages entertained.

VOYCE provided a cute space for our pēpi and tamariki atawhai to stop and be creative with playdough and colouring books. We also had Tāmaki kaimahi on the BBQ, providing everyone with yummy kai all day long. The venue was filled with laughter and fun, shrieks of joy and lots of bright colours.

One young tamariki told a VOYCE kaimahi that “this is like rainbow’s end!”

A quiet little spot was hosted by Caring Families Aotearoa for our caregivers to have a break and a quick cuppa and still be able to see their tamariki playing outside.

Overall, it was a wonderful event which we would happily run again.