VOYCE Whakarongo Mai – Ahuriri “does Halloween!”

Our Halloween event in 2020, was such a success that our tamariki and rangatahi gave us the wero (challenge) to host another Halloween Tūhōno. Always up for the challenge, we hosted a Halloween themed BBQ at our Ahuriri, office, in Onekawa on a very hot Saturday 30th October 2021. 24 care experienced tamariki and rangatahi attended our event, along with 10 caregivers. We had lots of activities set up including colouring stations, a photo booth, ‘Ghost Gobbler’, face painting, ‘Hit the Halloween targets’ and a ‘Slimy Surprise’. The tamariki were rushing around trying to win prizes, eat as many lollies as possible and having a great laugh. The office was full of laughter, scary faces and smiles. Two of our Rangatahi, managed to win big prizes by hitting the Halloween targets and so many lollies were won at the Slimy Surprise station. Our tamariki and rangatahi said “you are gross for making this”  but they kept going back for more, feeling in a dark box to find eye balls to cash in their prize. The Slimy Surprise was a hit!

One whānau that attended had made spider cupcakes and a giant spider cake! How fitting, to match our Tūhōno Pou, Pūngāwerewere – events and connections. Our tamariki provided us with awesome feedback, such as “This is amazing, please do a Christmas one”, “This is the best day of my life”, “I really loved today! I want to come back”. Our caregivers, were invited to stay, enjoy a cuppa and watch the children enjoying themselves. One of our caregivers told us “I’ve really enjoyed not just watching the kids have fun, but connecting with other caregivers and finding some people who are in the same situation as me was my highlight’. Another caregiver stated “How good is it that there is no fuss about the kids being in care, it’s just an event for them to have fun”.

All our tamariki and rangatahi left with a trick or treat bag, full of goodies and some even left with a different face or costume!!

After working up such an appetite we all shared a BBQ kai, cooked by our amazing volunteers Sage and Kyra. Thank you Honey Morunga and whānau for your help making our BBQ a success!

Our Hawkes Bay team of Kaiwhakamana and Kaiārahi had a great day, so did our awesome support crew.  It was so amazing to connect with tamariki and rangatahi that we have not met previously, but also those who came to our last tūhōno. Thank you all for coming!