Rising Strong Tūhono

Rising Strong was a Tūhono the Õtautahi team put together for Youth Week 2021 (the theme of Youth week 2021 was “Stronger Together”).

We had several workshops throughout the night, beginning with mau rakau exercises, then some kickboxing strike combos, some BJJ tap out moves and an MMA session with by Shane Young (who we will be cheering for when he fulfils his goal of being the first Māori UFC Champion!)

Sport Canterbury has helped identify many barriers to care experienced rangatahi participating in regular physical activity through their research project named ‘Te Pou o Te Whare’. It is this knowledge that inspired us to look at a physical activity for Youth Week.

The tūhono was designed for rangatahi that could benefit from engaging in a physical activity that strengthens the body and mind, but also for those that have an interest in combat sports. Martial Arts are known for helping to develop confidence, emotional-regulation, discipline, and responsibility. Some of the rangatahi that participated had trained in martial arts previously, so it was great to offer an opportunity for that spark to be reignited.

The age range for this tūhono was 13-25 yrs.

Everyone that came was engaged from beginning to end, with some keen to carry on! The rangatahi really enjoyed having time to train with Shane Young and talk with him about his journey. A huge thanks to Shane as well as the other coaches that helped make this a successful night.

Quote of the evening, “Aww..Do we have to stop?”