VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai is pleased to announce that the National Party of New Zealand has committed their support of 6 PROMISES FOR 6000 children in state care via their Spokesperson for children, Honourable Alfred Ngaro.

In an email to VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai CEO, Tracie Shipton, Mr Ngaro stated, “National agrees with these promises, this is something any Government should be responsible for ensuring when taking on the responsibility of caring for children outside of their families. We will work to ensure that challenges in our care and protection system are addressed when we are in Government.”

Mr Ngaro went onto support VOYCE’s kaupapa saying, “Children and young people should be treated with respect, their voices and their experiences should be honoured, and most of all they should be safe when they are at home. All children should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential.”

We want to thank the National Party for acting so quickly to support this important mahi. We would love to see all of the political parties across Aotearoa join with us in pledging their support to ensure that the more than 6000 children in state care can feel secure in knowing that New Zealand has got their back.

Since our petition was launched just over a week ago, we now have well over 1000 signatures of support and have had mainstream media profile our effort as well:

OurActionStation petition page


Giving a voice to our tamariki in state care

“If you’re going to intervene, if you’re going to remove us from our families, then do a better job. And provide us with better than what we were given in the first place.” A campaign established by young people who have been in state care is highlighting the areas where we’re failing our tamariki, and how we can do better. Mana Williams-Ead and Tupua Urlich from VOYCE - Whakarongo Mai (Voice of the Young and Care Experienced) join us to explain their call for Aotearoa to commit to six promises to protect our children in care. You can find their petition here:

Posted by Breakfast on Monday, September 14, 2020