The VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai Tamaki team were so inspired by a visit from Albie last week, where a few people in the office got to witness a young care experienced persons passion for creating and giving back to the care community. Albie hand crafts birthday cards with the hope of creating enough to give one to each care experienced young person on their birthday.

That’s just under 6,000! How cool to see one of our rangatahi acknowledge a gap in the system and try their best for find a caring and heartwarming solution. Albie spoke to VOYCE staff about the different styles of cards they make, ranging from simple but beautifully hand drawn picture cards, to moving mechanical cards, specifically themed cards, and everything in between. The passion Albie holds for using their talents and gifts to give joy and happiness to other kids in care was outstandingly inspiring.

Albie dropped off nearly 100 cards to the VOYCE office, and these have already been split up and sent off to the different VOYCE offices so that kids all around Aotearoa can start receiving birthday cards. Albie spoke with enthusiasm that anyone can create a card, even if they don’t think that they’re very creative, and that all that matters is that people try, and create from their heart.

Letter Legends, Albie’s card making charity, is dedicated to helping people feel loved, cared about, and happy through sending them beautiful handmade cards and has not only started making cards for kids in care, but also has sent cards to elderly people in rest homes.  Albie has been working incredibly hard to make cards for kids in care to be sent out through VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai, which our Kaiwhakamana plan to write personalised messages in these cards for the young people in care, to celebrate their birthday.

So far, Albie has managed to create nearly 100 cards all by themselves, which means we need your support and teamwork to help us reach the 6,000 cards needed in order for each child in care to get a handmade card for their birthday. Here at VOYCE, we love that someone like Albie, who knows how isolating being in care can be sometimes, has chosen to really make a difference in the individual lives of our rangatahi and pepi. Reaching over 6000 kids in care might sound daunting, but if around 130 people made just one card a week, we could get EVERY child in care a card for their birthday!


Hiya! I’m Albie, I’m 16 and I’m from Auckland New Zealand. A bit about me: I love aquarium fish, I’m studying to be an early childhood teacher, and I absolutely love crafts; especially card making. I founded letter legends because I saw the impact UK based charity Post Pals was having on the chronically ill children they support, and thought we needed something like that here in NZ. I decided we should support kids in foster care because as a kid in foster care myself, I know how cold and un-personal it can be. I thought a great way to make the experience just a little bit better would be to receive a unique handmade birthday card, so I decided to make it happen!

Currently, I’m a one man band apart from occasional help from my caregivers!


Anyone can make a card! Seriously card making comes from the heart. Give it a try and make someone’s day! You don’t need a lot of supplies but here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Coloured cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • A ruler

And for decorating:

  • Coloured pens/pencils
  • Stickers
  • Washi Tape
  • Stamps
  • Stencils
  • Old Magazines

Try researching colour combinations and layouts. It’ll really boost your card making skills. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from places like Pinterest!

  • Try and keep your angles as clean as possible. It’ll make the pieces line up better. A ruler is key for this tip.
  • Pop-ups aren’t as hard as they look! Try a beak card or a waterfall they look amazing but they’re simple as.

How cool is this colour changing chameleon card?! You can spin the wheel and the little Chameleon sitting on the branch changes colour. Such a fun and engaging card!

Look at this cute little monster! You can look into one of his googly eyes, or open his big mouth and count his sharp teeth. Such a cute and fun card for our rangatahi to engage with.

We love the spin the wheel design of Spongebob’s changing facial expressions. So creative and beautifully designed.


If you’d like to send through some cards, or even just some art supplies for our main creator Albie to keep on creating, please send them to the below address:

Letter Legends
c/o Ronwyn Taylor
Albany Senior High School
P.O Box 300-380
Albany 0752

Check out the Letter Legends website here: Letter Legends